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Zimbabwe Company Launches Drivers' Licence Test Application

  • Gibbs Dube

A Zimbabwean company, Test Labs (Pvt) Ltd, has launched an application to help drivers’ licence applicants prepare for their driving exams.

The App works on either a personal computer or a smart phone.

Company founder, Ndafara Tsvamba, said the ProvLabs application has over 650 test and 300 diagram questions and time limit controls similar to the real tests conducted by the vehicle inspection department.

Tsamba said the recently launched application has specimen exams and a full catalogue of Zimbabwe’s traffic signs and signals. He said users can access the App digitally or on a compact disc for $5 or more.

According to Tsvamba, people who have used the application say it has helped them prepare for their drivers’ exams.

Tech-Zimbabwe director Limbikani Makani said the App is easy to use though not everyone will be able access it.