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Prophet, Academic Clash Over Money-Spinning Prosperity Gospel Churches

Prophet Midian Dube of Foundation of Life Ministries International with his wife. (Courtesy Photo)

A lot has been said about prophets allegedly making millions of dollars in Zimbabwe currently facing serious social and economic problems.

The majority of Zimbabweans, who struggle to get a dollar per day, appear to be turning to God for salvation.

In some churches, ministers of religion make various prophecies and allegedly heal the sick and disabled.

Many locals are parting with their hard-earned few dollars as the prophets give them some hope of a better future. Are these ministers of religion real or just false prophets?

Interview With Midian Dube and Maureen Kademaunga on Prosperity Gospel Churches
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For perspective, Studio 7 reached Prophet Midian Dube of Foundation of Life Ministries International and Maureen Kademaunga, a PhD candidate at the Pretoria University.

Dube, who has just opened a new branch in South Africa, said they are not false prophets.

“It’s a pity that when one man goes wrong, everybody else is painted with the same brush.”

He acknowledged that there are some false prophets like those that are actually mentioned in the Bible, who disregard the word of God and misled their followers.

However, Prophet Dube said, “At the same time we need not to forget who are preaching as per the instruction of God … I could be doing something else, I can do something else but because of the call I have remained in the gospel.”

But Kademaunga noted that poor people are being taken for a ride by some of the prophets.

PhD candidate Maureen Kademaunga
PhD candidate Maureen Kademaunga

“Ever since this economic meltdown started, a lot of prophets are coming and forming churches and most of these churches are just an occult economy because a lot of unexplainable things happen,” she said.

Some now famous prophets collect millions of dollars in healing sessions, have a fleet of posh cars and live in mansions.