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Zimbabwe Retailers Increase Basic Commodity Prices

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) says most retailers have increased prices of basic commodities like mealie-meal and meat in an attempt to cash in on the Christmas shopping period.

The consumer watchdog says the retailers have increased the price of a 20 kilogram bag of mealie-meal from $9.98 to $11 and white meat from $4.50 to $5.50. The price of margarine has also been hiked by 11c.

The CCZ says prices of commodities like cabbage, tomatoes and laundry soap have decreased while others like bread, tea leaves, flour and salt have remained unchanged.

Irate Zimbabweans tell Studio 7 that retailers should stop increasing prices of basic commodities without taking into account production costs.

Njambakulwa Mwembe of Dete, Matabeleland North Province, says retailers are ill-treating Zimbabweans.

“This should never be allowed to continue because many poor people cannot afford to raise money to buy food,” said Mwembe.