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Government Rejects Public Workers' Council Negotiators

  • Jonga Kandemiiri

Public Service Minister Lucia Matibenga
Civil servants’ plans to revive their long-stalled salary negotiations have hit a brick-wall after the government rejected a list of negotiators forwarded by the Apex Council, citing lack of consensus within the unions representing public workers.

Confusion worsened following a letter from the Public Service Association (PSA) to Public Service minister Lucia Matibenga dissociating itself from the Apex Council list, claiming they were not consulted.

There has been bad blood between the Public Service Association and the Apex Council over elections that ushered in the current Apex Council executive led by David Dzatsunga.

Last week, the PSA boycotted a meeting called by the Apex Council in an effort to bring together civil servants, prompting the Apex Council to come up with the list of people picked from all the civil servants’ unions.

Apex Council chairman David Dzatsunga said some union leaders were working hard to break the deadlock so salary negotiations can continue.
PSA president Cecilia Alexander said she welcomes the government decision not to entertain the Apex Council list because they did not bless it.

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe general secretary Raymond Majongwe said his union would pull out of the negotiations if that could save the process from failing again.