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Police Claim Zimbabwe Opposition MDC Attempting to Topple Mnangagwa Using Foreigners

FILE: Supporters of the opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) party take part in anti-government protests over economic hardships in Harare, Zimbabwe, Nov. 29, 2018.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police claims that the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by Nelson Chamisa has hired some people who participated in the Arab Spring to help the party in staging public protests in the country.

In a tweet on Sunday, police said one of the hired people recently participated in the staging of public demonstrations in Sudan that led to the ouster of then president Omar al-Bashir.

“We are aware that some foreign national are now in the country on the pretext of being tourists yet they are activists who are working closely with the opposition political parties to organize the perceived demonstrations. The foreigners include one who is known for masterminding the Arab Spring and the recent Sudan clashes.”

Home Affairs Minister Cain Matema is quoted as saying foreigners should not cause havoc in Zimbabwe.

He said, “Let me remind foreigners who are clearly dabbling in local political that Zimbabwe is a sovereign state and will not allow people disguised as tourists to come and promote anarchy and destruction of property in the country.”

But MDC spokesperson Daniel Molokele dismissed these remarks saying his party has not hired anyone to help in staging nationwide protests in the country to express its dismay over the deteriorating economic situation.

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