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Pastor Mawarire: I'm Not a Zanu PF Imposter

FILE: Pastor Evan Mawarire appears at a press conference in Harare, Zimbabwe, June 16, 2016.

After giving the voiceless a voice and hope to millions of Zimbabweans reeling from a depressed economy, Pastor Evan Mawarire of the popular #ThisFlag campaign last week quietly left Zimbabwe for South Africa sparking speculation that he has abandoned his growing number of followers.

There were even reports in some sections of the media claiming that Mawarire is an imposter acting on behalf of some Zanu PF factions to chip away support from the opposition.

One story that has gone viral claimed that Mawarire was on his way to the US to seek asylum after accomplishing his alleged mission to disenfranchise the ranks of the opposition.

Although Mawarire posted a Facebook message on Friday seeking to allay the fears of many who say they have lost trust in him, speculation has continued growing that he is not who he is.

Studio 7 reached Pastor Evan Mawarire, who said he is meeting Zimbabweans in South Africa to find the way forward for their beleaguered country.

He dismissed as untrue that he was seeking political asylum in USA.

An independent political analyst, Dinizulu Macaphulana, told Studio 7 that there is a glimmer of hope for Zimbabweans seeking change in Mawarire although he does not rule out the growing skepticism.