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Parents Complain of High Tuition Ahead of New School Term

  • Ntungamili Nkomo

Schools are set to open on Tuesday with some parents complaining of increases in tuition fees and costs of accessories such as uniforms and books.

A survey revealed that some primary schools had hiked levies and tuition fees from about $50 to between $55 and $60. Some secondary schools are also said to have increased their charges.

Parents who spoke to VOA Studio 7 complained that after spending a lot on Christmas goodies and farm implements, they exhausted their savings and are now battling to raise fees for their children.

For perspective, we reached parent-of-three Fungai Garikai Mahlengwe and Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe secretary general Raymond Majongwe.

Mahlengwe said with a low pay, he is struggling to raise fees for his children while Majongwe noted that teachers are also pressing for a salary increase.