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Organizers of Mass Protest Say Zimbabwe Stay Away A Huge Success

Pastor Evan Mawarire of#ThisFlag movement and youth calling themselves Tajamuka-Sesijikile say the national protest was a huge success.

Pastor Mawarire warned that the protest would be intensified if the government does not address several issues, including the payment of civil servants’ June salaries, arrest of corrupt ministers and the abandonment of a law banning the importation of some basic commodities.

In a video message on Periscope, he said, “If these demands are not met we are shutting down again and so government the ball is in your court … We are ready to close down again within the next few days. And so if we are not hearing from you government next week on Wednesday we shut down and this time we add another day … Wednesday and Thursday.

“We are not playing and we urge you to take us seriously. Citizens thanks very much for heeding the call. Remember, no violence.”

At the same time, spokesman Promise Mkwanazi of Tajamuka-Sesijikile protest movement, said, “This is a message to (President Robert) Mugabe that he must do the long overdue and most honorable thing of stepping down and allowing this country another chance to make progress, to create employment and economic opportunities.

“And people of Zimbabwe we want to thank you very much, we respect and appreciate your courage, your passion and your resilience a quasi-military regime.”

Most political activists are accusing President Mugabe of allegedly ruining a nation, which at independence was a jewel of southern Africa.