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Opposition People's Democratic Party Fires Leader Tendai Biti

FILE: Zimbabwe's new finance minister Tendai Biti talks at a news conference in Harare Wednesday Feb. 18, 2009. (AP)
FILE: Zimbabwe's new finance minister Tendai Biti talks at a news conference in Harare Wednesday Feb. 18, 2009. (AP)

Members of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) opposed to the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance have fired party president Tendai Biti saying he forged an alliance with MDC formations and other opposition groups without following proper party procedures.

PDP secretary general made the announcement in Bulawayo on Thursday after some members of the party convened a General Council meeting, which replaced Biti with national chairperson Lucia Matibenga.

PDP information secretary Jacob Mafume dismissed Biti’s expulsion as a non-event.

But Gorden Moyo, PDP secretary general, said Biti is no longer the party leader.

“… PDP is not a member of the MDC Alliance … Being a member of PDP will be against the constitution of the party.”

He said it was impossible for PDP to forge an alliance with the Movement for Democratic Change, which he described as an unprogressive party.

“So, associating PDP with MDC Alliance will be a violation of the party constitution in particular the preamble Articles 5, 6 and 7. So, we made that decision and allowed our members who have exited from the party to do so and then as a party we replaced them.

“The General Council made a decision to replace those that have exited the party and with effect from today the 28th of September 2017 and the PDP has a new president whose name is Lucia Matibenga, the former national chairperson of PDP …”

Mafume noted that "the circus around the firing of President Tendai Biti is a disturbance in the movement of convergence which is a heeding of a call by the people of Zimbabwe who view a coalition as a platform which offers citizens a fighting chance.

“We also find it ironic that the meeting and subsequent press conference was held at Dr. Sipepa Nkomo’s residence. Nkomo is an individual who deserted the party to join another party despite being given the task to negotiate a coalition. Twenty people cannot gather at Nkomo’s house and plot to derail progress.”

He said a PDP General Council was scheduled for Friday. It is expected to deliberate on the economic crisis, voter registration and other important issues in Zimbabwe.

“People’s Democratic Party President Tendai Biti will hold a press briefing at the party offices to convey the key resolutions of the meeting. Zimbabweans see hope in the current wave of convergence must not be demobilised.”