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Obert Mpofu: I Was Offered Esidakeni Farm; Malunga, Partners' Attacks Should Stop Now

FILE - Obert Mpofu, then Zimbabwe's minister of home affairs, is pictured at a meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe, Nov. 19, 2017.

Zanu PF administration secretary, Obert Mpofu, says he was offered part of Esidakeni Farm in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland region, owned by a son of a nationalist and two business partners.

In an interview following some commotion at the farm today where the Messenger of Court attempted to evict one Dumisani Madzivanyathi, who also claims that he was offered a piece of the land in Nyamandlovu area, Mpofu warned Sipho Malunga, Charles Moyo and Zephania Dhlamini of dire consequences if they continue using social media to abuse him.

He said, “I was offered part of the farm. I don’t know Madzivanyathi at all. I have to deal with my own issues and not have him as my so-called proxy. Why should he (Madzivanyathi) be my front when my company has been given an offer letter?

“Sipho and his friends are misdirecting their attack. They must let the law take its course. He (Malunga) is using his money to provoke a situation which he won’t handle if we have to behave like him. He must follow the law. He should stop being reckless and abusive.”

Mpofu, who owns a conservancy, said he needs a piece of land to cultivate crops.

“Like any Zimbabwean, I got an offer letter. I wish to have a farm for cultivating crops. At the moment I don’t have a farm. I only have a conservancy. I got an offer letter for Esidakeni Farm.”

In a letter written by Lands Minister Anxious Jongwe Masuka on June 30, 2021, Mpofu’s Mswelangubo Farm was offered 145 hectares of the land.

The government has in the past claimed that it acquired the farm a few years ago.

At the same time, Madzivanyathi who invaded the farm a couple of months ago, refused to leave Esidakeni Farm today after he was evicted twice by the Messenger of Court.

He allegedly obtained an offer letter last year from the Ministry of Lands but a High Court judge recently ordered him to leave the piece of land.

Madzivanyathi, who is said to be a university lecturer, was unreachable for comment. He was not responding to calls on his mobile phone. Police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, was also unreachable for comment.

In a tweet, Malunga said, “I'm informed by Zephaniah Dhlamini that after being evicted by the Deputy Sheriff & @PoliceZimbabwe, Dumisani Madzivanyati & his gang returned. They were again removed by @PoliceZimbabwe & have again returned to the farm. We watch to see who's in charge of law & order in Zimbabwe.

“Make no mistake here: Dumisani Madzivanyati is a proxy, front & pawn for @DrObertMpofu Richard Moyo & Gatsha Mazithulela. They're the ones pulling the strings & defying the @PoliceZimbabwe. Obert was allocated largest share in the farm (145ha). His nephew @AckimReason was given 50ha.”

Moyo is the Matabeleland North Resident Minister while Mazithulela is a senior Central Intelligence Organization officer.

Malunga and his partners bought the farm from its previous owner and established a company to run it.

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