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Nkosana Moyo: I Will Build Govt, Zimbabweans' Trust In First 100 Days in Office

Dr. Nkosana Moyo

Presidential candidate Dr. Nkosana Moyo says in his first 100 days if elected president in Zimbabwe’s 2018 general elections he will start by building trust between the government and local people.

In an exclusive interview with VOA Studio 7, Dr. Moyo said this would ensure that people become agents of social, economic and political transformation in a nation that has been ruled by President Robert Mugabe for more than 37 years.

“It’s going to sound very strange in the sense that most people say economy, economy but the signaling that begins to build trust between the people and their government actually leads people beginning to be agents in developing the economy.

“So, one of those issues as I have indicated to you (in previous interviews) is to tackle the issue of corruption and make sure that Zimbabweans see that … I draw a line in the sand and say on this side of the line, guys you cross this line, there is lots of trouble for you. We will put you inside and throw away the keys.”

He said the other fundamental issue is to employ competent Zimbabweans. “So, the construction of the administration itself will begin to signal to Zimbabweans that what we were being told was not just rhetoric … Here is a foundation of performance being set up. People whose CV (curriculum vitae) I can look at, whose track record I can look at and I can say to myself on the basis of the CV and the track record and what they have done in the past these people are credible. Those are the signals …”

He noted that he will always fight for the empowerment of Zimbabweans.

Dr. Moyo is expected to clash with President Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change and several others in the presidential election.

The former Zimbabwean cabinet minister resigned his post under protest in 2001 and left for South Africa after claiming that he was unable to work under President Robert Mugabe, whose party lacked vision and trust of the electorate.

Mr. Mugabe will contest the presidential election next year at the age of 94.

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