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Aero-Modeling Introduced as a Sport in Zimbabwe

  • Michael Kariati

A new sport has been added to Zimbabwe’s sporting family. The Aeromodeling Federation of Zimbabwe, which aims to promote science education through sport, is introducing the sport which involves model aircraft, small sized replicas of existing or imaginary aircraft.

AFZ secretary, Patrice Chakanyuka, says in aeromodeling participants are introduced to the basics of flying through the sport. Participants fly in competitions using remote controlled model air planes.

Chakanyuka says the sport existed in Zimbabwe way back in a recreational form. Three areas - Ruwa, the Harare Show Grounds and Dzivaresekwa – hosted participants but it was never officially recognized as a sport.

The sport is practiced in over 98 countries, including three in Africa, and is governed by the Federation of Aeronautique Internationale which was formed in 1905 and has its headquarters in Laussanne, Switzerland.

Chakanyuka says his association has applied for land from the City of Harare, adding in the meantime they would use Ruwa until their petition is approved.

The spokesperson of the sport and recreation commission, Tirivashe Nheveyembwa, confirms the new federation has been registered, adding they would be de-registered if they fail to take off according to set rules.

Zimbabweans wait to see whether the sport will become a reality as many such ventures have come and failed.