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Tsvangirai MDC: No Reforms, No Election Participation

Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai addressing some supporters Thursday in Harare. (Photo: Thomas Chiripasi)

The MDC has made a principled resolution never to legitimise any electoral farce in Zimbabwe. This historic resolution has, amongst other factors, been informed and influenced by the recalcitrant, stubborn, corrupt and crumbling Zanu PF regime’s failure to put in place measures that guarantee the creation of a political environment condusive to the holding of free and fair elections.

The collapsing Zanu PF regime has clearly proved that it is beyond redemption. This is a bankrupt and violent regime that has continued to bury its head in the sand and pretend that the comatose economy will somehow, miraculously get out of the intensive care unit and start to grow without the adoption of the necessary political and socio - economic policies that are deliberately geared at stimulating political stability and fostering industrial growth.

More than 90% of Zimbabweans are living in abject poverty and destitution but the ailing and very old Robert Mugabe and his corrupt gang of die - hard kleptocrats remain unfazed. The criminal and corrupt cabal presently running the affairs of State in Zimbabwe is completely insensitive to the suffering of the majority of the people.

A self - confessed political thug who goes by the name Saviour Kasukuwere has embarked on a country - wide terrorist campaign trail; threatening villagers and other peace - loving Zimbabweans to vote for a thoroughly discredited, morbidly corrupt, faction - ridden and crumbling political party, Zanu PF.

Kasukuwere has been terrorising and traumatising innocent Zimbabweans into accepting and sanitising a deeply flawed electoral system that can never give rise to a legitimate result. Zanu PF is in panic mode as the crumbling regime realises that the majority of the people of Zimbabwe have been resoundingly convinced by the logic behind the hugely successful and popular ‘’Without Reforms, No Elections’’ campaign that has been spear-headed by President Morgan Tsvangirai.

The overly excitable commissar of the illegitimate, chaotic and corrupt Zanu PF cabal is clearly behaving like a village bully. He has been uttering nonsensical statements as he desperately seeks to shore up the political fortunes of his disintegrating Mafia organisation. He is a hopelessly misdirected political hoodlum who urgently needs to undertake some basic and elementary lessons in political decorum and common decency.

The MDC shall remain resolute and steadfast in its principled stance of “Without Reforms, No elections.” The party of excellence is not going to participate in a shambolic and flawed electoral contest whose outcome is pre - determined. Kasukuwere can hallucinate all he wants and can huff and puff all he wants but the bottom line is that the MDC will never legitimise an electoral fraud disguised as an election.

The MDC would like to make it abundantly clear to all Zimbabweans and to the world at large that the reforms we are demanding are the only solution to solving the long standing political logjam and socio - economic decay in the country.

The MDC has taken a position that unless and until all the political, legal and electoral reforms are implemented, the whole electoral process will not lead to a legitimate outcome. It is disturbing that Zimbabwe is the only country in Southern Africa which has not fully adopted and implemented the SADC Protocol and Guidelines for the holding of free and fair elections.

The MDC demands that the following be urgently dealt with to enable the holding of free, fair, peaceful and credible elections in Zimbabwe. The issues include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Biometric voter registration
  • The complete and total independence of ZEC. The new Constitution of Zimbabwe under Section 235 (1) (a) specifically provides that ZEC should not be subject to the direction or control of anyone
  • The use of voter registration slips should be immediately abandoned
  • Postal voting should be used strictly in accordance with the SADC Protocol and Guidelines on the holding of free and fair elections
  • Clear definition of voter education that recognises the Bill of Rights.
  • Participation of all political parties involved in elections, in all essential activities of ZEC to make the process transparent.
  • An accurate and up to date electronic voters’ roll should be made available to all interested political players.
  • Traditional leaders should be apolitical and they should not take part in any political activities
  • All laws should be harmonised with the new Constitution of Zimbabwe ; particularly laws such as POSA, AIPPA, Criminal Law( Codification and Reform) Act ( in particular Section 121 of this Act), Broadcasting Services Act etc
  • Members of the security services should not participate in any political activities (eg members of the security services continue to be involved in electoral and political matters as has been the case in the Hurungwe West and Headlands constituencies where members of the Zimbabwe National Army, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and CIO operatives are heavily involved in Zanu PF political campaigns)
  • The Diaspora vote should be immediately adopted and implemented
  • Complete and total compliance with all the provisions of Chapter 7 of the new Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this statement do not reflect the views of the Voice of America's Zimbabwe Service.