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MDC Formations Dismiss Zanu PF Critics

The Movement for Democratic Change formations on Monday scoffed at Zanu-PF officials claiming the parties have become irrelevant in Zimbabwean politics following their defeat in the July 31 elections.

Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa told a Zanu-PF rally in Chivi at the weekend that “the MDC formations are now dead and buried,” adding Zanu-PF has become the party for the future.

Mnangagwa’s sentiments are shared by many Zanu-PF officials and supporters, though the opposition parties have more than 70 lawmakers.

MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told VOA that those predicting his party's demise are day dreaming.

"As long as what the MDC stands for is not gone, then the MDC will never die," Mwonzora said.

"The MDC stands for all those things that Zanu-PF is unable to offer, the MDC stands for jobs for our people, it stands for democracy, the rule of law, good governance and a broad-based economic empowerment which benefits all Zimbabweans."

Mwonzora’s sentiments were echoed by Nhlanhla Dube, spokesman for the MDC wing led by former Industry Minister Welshman Ncube.

"We expect less from a Zanu-PF official," Dube said. "We are not expecting a Zanu-PF official to appreciate that politics is about healthy competition ... We are not dead, we are alive and restrategizing."

Zanu-PF trounced the MDC parties in the disputed July 31 vote and claimed total control of the House of Assembly and the Senate as well as local councils.

President Robert Mugabe also won by a huge margin against his main rival Morgan Tsvangirai, who has refused to concede defeat alleging electoral fraud.