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Zanu-PF Allegedly Evict MDC Supporters in Mbare

A Zanu-PF militia in Harare on August 1, 2013
Some supporters of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC formation on Sunday claimed they had been thrown out of their homes in the Mbare high density suburb by people they say were Zanu PF activists. The incidents followed Wednesday’s disputed elections.

Eleven MDC-T supporters have since sought refuge at the party’s headquarters in Harare, claiming they were targeted by Zanu-PF supporters celebrating their party’s massive win in the July 31st poll.

Stephen Mutsipa is one of those alleging victimization. He was a polling agent for the Tsvangirai MDC in the elections.

Mr. Mutsipa says this is not the first time he has been targeted by suspected Zanu PF activists in the area. He blamed Tendai Savanhu, Zanu-PF's representative to Parliament for the constituency. However, Studio 7 was unable to reach Mr. Savanhu for comment.

Another MDC-T activist, Basil Masuka, says he fears for his life following threats he has been receiving.

“Zanu PF says it won the elections but now what is surprising is that it is targeting opposition supporters. It is very embarrassing really for a party that calls itself a revolutionary party to be doing that to people it perceives as enemies when it claims to have won,” said Masuka.

Several MDC-T members are reported to have fled their homes in Mbare and other areas such as Epworth and Harare South following the elections.

In Mbare the MDC-T activists alleged that Zanu PF members chanted anti-MDC slogans, carried coffins through the streets and told people that they wanted to bury Tsvangirai and his supporters following their party’s win.