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MDC Alliance: Zanu PF Activists Attacking, Blocking Chamisa Convoy in Manicaland Again

Some of the people who have been blocking Nelson Chamisa's envoy in Masvingo and Manicaland. (Photo: MDC Alliance)

The opposition Movement for Democratic Alliance says suspected Zanu PF activists have again blocked party leader Nelson Chamisa and his entourage from visiting some parts of Manicaland.

In a tweet, MDC Alliance national spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, said, “President Nelson Chamisa and his convoy have been blockaded again by violent Zanu PF thugs as he travels in Manicaland.”

In a video posted on her Twitter page, some people said to be Zanu PF activists are seen blocking Chamisa’s convoy at an unidentified place in Manicaland province.

Mahere said Chamisa, who allegedly escaped an assassination attempt in the same province yesterday, is safe.

The party claims that Zanu PF activists shot at Chamisa’s vehicle on Tuesday and a bullet narrowly missed him.

At the same time, the party’s vice president, Tendai Biti, has appealed for urgent intervention by the Southern African Development Community (SADC) on Chamisa’s assassination attempts.

Biti said time has come for SADC to reign in the “regime of impunity.”

Zanu PF claims that Chamisa’s party is dramatizing some of these events in order to catch the eye of United Nations Special Rappatoir, Elana Douhan, who is currently in Zimbabwe assessing the impact of targeted sanctions imposed on Zanu PF officials.

Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the violent attacks on Chamisa in Manicaland and Masvingo provinces.

Some Zanu PF activists allegedly stoned Chamisa’s advance party in Masvingo last week and blocked him from addressing meetings and rallies in the province.

Meanwhile, MDC Alliance sympathizers have raised US$19,331 on the crowdfunding application, GoFundMe, for purchasing of a bulletproof vehicle for the party leader.

The fundraising campaign was set up a few days ago.

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