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Evan Mawarire Still Detained, Facing Fresh Charges After His Public Outburst

FILE - Evans Mawarire waves goodbye as he is taken into a prison truck at the magistrates courts in Harare.

A High Court judge has dropped bail conditions for Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag pending the finalization of charges laid against him of attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected government and inciting public violence last year.

Pastor Mawarire, who was arrested again a few days ago, may face similar charges after he made a public appearance castigating President Robert Mugabe’s government of failing to cater for the needs of citizens.

He is yet to appear in court on these fresh charges and will likely remain in detention until his case is brought to court as per the provisions of some statutes, which don’t allow the state to detain a person for more than 48 hours.

In granting him bail on 2016 charges, Justice Patricia Chigumba said Pastor Mawarire would face trial while living at his home.

On Saturday, he was picked up at His Generation Church for allegedly violating his bail conditions.

His lawyer, Harrison Nkomo said he was optimistic that Pastor Mawarire’s fresh charges would be spelt out within the next few hours.

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