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Man Goes Berserk in Johannesburg, Kills One And Injures Several Zimbabweans

Republic of South Africa
Republic of South Africa

A man claiming to have lost his mobile phone during a show in a theater in Johannsburg at the weekend went berserk, killed one fan and injured several people, mostly Zimbabweans.

According to some Zimbabweans who attended the show, there was chaos and pandemonium when the man opened fire after he publicly demanded the phone on stage.

The unidentified man fired into the crowd, instantly killing one man, and injured several others.

Reacting to the shooting, Zimbabwean music promoter Mcasiseli Gwazagwaza said the incident is shocking.

“This is painful and shocking. I don’t know how best I can describe this incident. It’s going to make our lives difficult. We are very disappointed about this incident.”

Several other Zimbabweans, including Ngqabutho Mabhena of the Zimbabwe Community in South Africa, also expressed dismay over the shooting.

Mabhena said, “We are devastated. Extremely devastated about this incident. This is really disgraceful that a person can shoot into a crowd, kill people and run away. As Zimbabweans living in Hillbrow we feel ashamed and hope that this person will be apprehended.”

Indications are that the unidentified gunman has been nabbed by the police in South Africa.

According to various media outlets the man was apprehended after allegedly robbing a business in Johannesburg.

Studio 7 was unable to get police comment.