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Youth Leader of Zimbabwe's Ruling Party Recants Criticism Against Military

Kudzai Chipanga, leader of Zanu-PF Youth Leaque
Kudzai Chipanga, leader of Zanu-PF Youth Leaque

The leader of the Zimbabwe ruling party’s youth league, Kudzai Chipanga, apologized to the Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, General Constantine Chiwenga, and his colleagues and the entire nation, for criticizing their unified call for an end to purges in Zanu-PF.

Chipanga, who had declared that he was ready to die for the revolution and President Robert Mugabe when accusing the generals of the army of “subverting the constitution,” said he had reflected on his statements and realized he had been out of place to criticize the generals.

“I have reflected and personally admitted that I erred. I was ill-advised to read the statement which and the youth league had not originated, neither authored,” said Chipanga.

In his statement before the media, Chipanga attributed his actions to his youth and lack of experience.

“We are still young people, we are still growing up. We learn from our mistakes, and from this big mistake, we have learnt a lot,” Chipanga said, speaking on behalf of his fellow youth league members.

The youth leader said he took full responsibility for his actions, and that his decision to apologize was not coerced.

“I have not been persuaded, neither coerced or forced to do as such. I am emphasizing that I have reflected on my own, as a young person, as a leader of the youth league.”

The state-run broadcaster where Chipanga delivered his statement, is currently under the control of the military, who took it over on Wednesday.