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Flash Back ... Signing of the Lancaster House Agreement

Following a meeting of Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Lusaka, Her Majesty's Government issued invitations to Bishop Muzorewa and the leaders of the Patriotic Front to participate in a Constitutional Conference at Lancaster House. The purpose of the Conference was to discuss and reach agreement on the terms of an Independence Constitution, and that elections should be supervised under British authority to enable Rhodesia to proceed to legal independence and the parties to settle their differences by political means. 2. The Conference opened on 10 September under the chairmanship of Lord Carrington, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. The Conference concluded on 15 December, after 47 plenary sessions.

Lord Carrington (Chairman) Sir I Gilmour Bt Sir M Havers* Lord Harlech* Mr R Luce Sir M Palliser Sir A Duff* Mr D M Day Mr R A C Byatt* Mr R W Renwick Mr P R N Fifoot Mr N M Fenn Mr G G H Walden Mr C D Powell Mr P J Barlow Mr R D Wilkinson Mr A M Layden Mr R M J Lyne Mr M J Richardson* Mr C R L de Chassiron* Mrs A J Phillips* Mr M C Wood *Replaced by Sir J Graham, Mr S J Gomersall, Gen M Farndale, Mr R Jackling, Col A Gurdon, Col C Dunphie and Mr B Watkins for some sessions of the Conference.

Mr J M Nkomo Mr J M Chinamano Mr E Z Tekere Gen J M Tongogara Mr E R Kadungure Dr H Ushewokunze Mr D Mutumbuka Mr J Tungamirai Mr E Zvobgo Mr S Mubako* Mr W Kamba Mr J W Msika Mr T G Silundika* Mr A M Chambati Mr John Nkomo* Mr L Baron* Mr S K Sibanda* Mr E Mlambo* Mr C Ndlovu* Miss E Siziba *Replaced by Mr W Musarurwa, Mr D Dabengwa, Mr A Ndlovu, Mr R Austin, Mr R Mpoko, Mr R Manyika and Mr L Mafela for some sessions of the Conference.

Bishop A T Muzorewa Dr S C Mundawarara Mr E L Bulle, Mr F Zindoga Mr D C Mukome* Mr G B Nyandoro* Rev N Sithole Mr L Nyemba* Chief K Ndiweni Mr Z M Bafanah* Mr I D Smith Mr D C Smith Mr R Cronje Mr C Andersen Dr J Kamusikiri Mr G Pincus* Mr L G Smith Air Vice Marshal H Hawkins Mr D Zamchiya Mr S V Mutambanengwe Mr M A Adam Mr P Claypole *Replaced by Mr A R McMillan, Mr D V M Bradley, Gen P Walls, Mr K Flower and Mr P K Allum for some sessions of the Conference. SECRETARIAT Mr J M Willson Mr R S Dewar Mr R P Ralph Mr N E Sheinwald. (Source: Lancaster House Agreement Document)