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Kirsty Coventry wins Gold in All Africa Games

Zimbabwe’s swimming sensation, Kirsty Coventry, won gold in the 100 metre backstroke event Tuesday evening in the All Africa Games in Congo Brazzaville.

According to former Sport Minister David Coltart’s post on Facebook, the Zimbabwean is set to participate in other swimming events Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

This could not be independently confirmed from the Zimbabwean team in Brazzaville.

Coltart wrote on his Facebook wall, “Kirsty Coventry won the 100 metre backstroke Gold this evening in Brazzaville in the All Africa Games. Supersport are showing the swimming finals which start at 6pm Zim time. Kirsty will not be swimming tomorrow but swims again on Thursday and Friday.

“Go Kirsty! Doing us all proud again. What a patriot!”

Coventry has represented Zimbabwe in many international competitions and won several gold medals.