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Thokozani Khupe Files Urgent Court Application Seeking Order to Stop Mwonzora From Recalling Her from Parly

Thokozani Khupe

Thokozani Khupe, vice president of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) led by Douglas Mwonzora, has filed an urgent court application seeking an order to block the party from recalling her from parliament following claims that she is sympathetic to Zanu PF and Nelson Chamisa’s MDC Alliance.

Court documents filed by Khupe’s lawyers in Bulawayo also indicate that two of her colleagues – councilors Josia Makombe and Lovemore Maiko are also seeking an order to stop Mwonzora’s party from recalling them from their local government seats.

Khupe’s application is based on proceedings and outcomes of the MDC-T’s National Council meeting held on November 26 where the party allegedly resolved to recall those identified party members who were suspected to be “sympathetic of a political outfit going by the name and style of Movement For Democratic Change Alliance (MDCA), or were perceivably aligned to the 1st Applicant and were members of the National House of Assembly, the Senate, Provincial Councils or local government councilors in rural or urban councils.

“Allegations of politically consorting with an opponent political formation were raised at the said National Council meeting willy – nilly in the presence of some 'accused persons', and in the absence of others so accused, and those that stood accused were not afforded the opportunity to be heard.Decisions adverse to person were made against the beneficial interests of certain members or officials of the party without they being notified or afforded a response.”

Mwonzora and party information secretary, Witness Dube were unavailable for comment as they were not responding to calls on their mobile phones.

Dube told VOA Zimbabwe Service that recalling Members of Parliament and councilors is a constitutional matter and they will follow the law in recalling Khupe or any other member of the party from parliament and councils.\

"We have a right to recall anyone deemed to be working against our party's ideals and principles. We are following some provisions of the Zimbabwe constitution. This is a legal matter which I don't wish to say a lot about since it is now in the courts."