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Zimbabwean Bianca Polizzi Beating Rivals in Prestigious Pot Noodle Competition

Bianca's entry topping list in Pot Noodle competition. (Photo: Bianca Twitter)

Competitors in the Pot Noodle competition in Britain featuring a Zimbabwean, Bianca Polizzi, are anxiously waiting for the results with indications that the Zimbabwean beat her two rivals after coming up with a time-saving coffee kettle cup.

Voting through re-tweets of favourable entries among the top three closed last Friday with Bianca, who is a daughter of a former Sunday News senior reporter, Joseph Polizzi, amassing at least 453 re-tweets and her nearest rivals only identified as Matt and Katy having 292.

The third entry created by a person known only as Jerome had at least 170 votes. More votes have been trickling in even if the voting process ended a few days ago.

According to a Pot Noodle tweet last Friday, the results of the competition #YouCanMakeIt, which encourages fresh inventions that save time, will be released in due course.

If Bianca wins, her entry will be turned into a prototype that will be unveiled in America early next year.

Her father told VOA Studio 7 they are confident that Bianca will win. “We are all anxiously waiting for the results though confident that she made it.”

Bianca, who a student at Bath University, posted a message on Friday soon after her father sent out a Facebook post thanking all those that supported her.

She wrote, “… Thank you so so so much to everyone, haha my dad beat me to it, but thank you very much!! So so appreciative of everything everyone did and how supportive you've all been during this very out-of-the-ordinary week.”

Matt and Katy’s entry, which appears to be in second place, is not just a load of pot air, as Pot Noodle puts it.

The company says Matt and Katy’s idea was born out of Matt hating drying off after the shower and his tendency to get straight into bed while still wet. “They came up with the idea of the Pot Air 3000 body dryer after being inspired by a hairdryer that Katy experienced in a spa in Andorra, which you had to pull over your head.”

In third place is Jerome’s quick snooze on the move piece. Pot Noodle says Jerome’s entry is a portable travel pillow with an in-built alarm clock. “No need to worry about nodding off and missing your stop, just attach the pillow to the back of a train seat and the vibrating bracelet will wake you from your slumber, avoiding the embarrassment of an alarm going off in public.”