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Zanu PF Activist, Journalist Trade Barbs on Dzamara Abduction

  • Chris Gande

FILE: Speakers and members of Occupy Africa Unity Square seen at a recent prayer rally for missing political activist, Itai Dzamara. (Photo: Charles Nyoni)

A Zimbabwean journalist based in South Africa says he is now fearing for his life after reports that he might have information on the whereabouts of missing activist, Itayi Dzamara, the leader of the Occupy Africa Unity Square.

The state-controlled Herald newspaper recently reported that Dzamara was not kidnapped but skipped to South Africa as a way of effecting the so-called regime change agenda in Zimbabwe.

Citing police dockets, the daily reported that businessman, Energy Mutodi, who is also a Zanu PF activist, had told police that journalist, Mkhululi Chimoio, knew the whereabouts of Dzamara, who was allegedly abducted from Glenview suburb more than four months ago.

Chimoio was last year implicated in the Facebook troll Baba Jukwa saga. He denied knowing the character, who was believed to be someone imbedded in the higher echelons of Zanu PF judging by the information that the shadowy character revealed about ruling party officials.

Mutodi also told police that another Zanu PF activist, Fidelis Fengu, had information on the whereabouts of Dzamara.

Studio 7 spoke to Mutodi who, although admitting that he gave police information on Dzamara’s alleged whereabouts, said it was passed on to him by Fengu.

Chimoio has been subjected to traumatic ordeals since 2013 when he was missed by a gun shot by unknown assailants at his adopted home, South Africa where he is a refugee from alleged political persecution in Zimbabwe.

In 2014 a smoke grenade was allegedly placed in his car but it did not detonate.

That same year Chimoio was physically attacked by some unkown men who claimed to be Zanu PF supporters out to punish him for soiling the party’s image.

Chimoio said he has receieved numerous threatening calls since the publication of the story implicating him in the Dzamara disappearance.