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Sheffra Dzamara: It's Itai Dzamara in Leaked Photos With Masked Person

FILE: Sheffra Dzamara and her children at Africa Unity Square. (Photo: Occupy Africa Unity Square)

The wife of abducted political activist, Itai Dzamara, says pictures leaked to the family showing a masked person with hands tied to his back and in a dark place are that of her husband, who was allegedly forced into an unidentified vehicle in Harare’s Glen View suburb about 15 months ago.

In an exclusive interview, Sheffra said she was convinced that “it’s Itai”, adding that “I identified the foot and even the face I could actually see that it’s Itai.”

She denied that the clothes in one of the photos circulating on social media, which was released by his brother, Patson, and obtained by VOA Studio 7 were the ones that he was wearing when he was allegedly abducted by unknown assailants.

A picture that the family says is that of abducted political activist Itai Dzamara
A picture that the family says is that of abducted political activist Itai Dzamara

“No. They are not the same.” She noted that the leaking of the photographs by some alleged members of the military intelligence is giving her hope that the truth would soon come out about the abduction of the political activist.

She added that she won’t show the photos to her children. “I am not going to show them. It may disturb them.”

Sheffra Dzamara said the two children are currently missing their father. “You can actually tell that they miss their father. They talk about him every day.”

The military intelligence unit has not yet reacted to allegations that its operatives are said to have abducted the political activist, whose organization, Occupy Africa Unity Square, is urging President Robert Mugabe to step down for failing to properly run the country.

The organization claims that the ruling party, which has been in power for 36 years, has been struggling over the years to come up with sound economic policies.