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Irate Zimbabweans Demand Mugabe's Return as Nation 'Burns'

FILE - Zimbabwe's President Robert Gabriel Mugabe closes his eyes during the Africa Union meeting in Sirte, Libya, July 4, 2005.

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has not yet returned home after he left the country on Monday for Singapore where he is receiving treatment for an undisclosed ailment.

Government officials told the state-controlled Sunday Mail a few days ago that the president will be back in the country on Wednesday.

Indications are that President Mugabe will return home Saturday morning and leave for a party meeting in Manicaland province on Sunday.

Most Zimbabweans, who responded to a VOA Studio 7 Facebook thread on Mr. Mugabe’s visit to Singapore, said they are not happy that the president appears to be now ruling from a hospital bed.

But some said the president has a right to seek medical care in any nation of his choice.

President Mugabe has been in power for more than 37 years and will be contesting the 2018 presidential election at the age of 94.

Critics say he has destroyed a once prosperous nation but his ruling Zanu PF party and state officials have blamed Zimbabwe's economic decay on targeted sanctions imposed on the president and his inner circle by the West.

America, Britain and several nations imposed the sanctions claiming that Mr. Mugabe and his colleagues violated human rights and rigged elections.

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