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Zimbabwean Hunter Bronkhorst Bailed on Fresh Wildlife Charges

Hunter Theodore Bronkhorst

Professional hunter, Theodore Bronkhorst, who was in the news recently for allegedly enabling an American dentist kill Cecil the famous Zimbabwean lion, was Wednesday granted a $100 bail at the Bulawayo Magistrates Court following fresh charges of illegally moving animal trophies.

Bronkhorst’s lawyer, Advocate Perpetua Dube, told VOA her client was initially accused of allegedly moving live sables, but adds police withdrew the charges shortly before going to court as they did not have enough evidence.

The hunter was arrested in Bulawayo Monday with police spokesperson Charity Charamba saying he's facing charges of moving wild animals without a permit.

He is expected back in court September 24 to answer charges he contravened the Wildlife Act.

The state initially accused the professional hunter of capturing and translocating between 27 and 29 sables with the intention of illegally exporting them to South Africa.

Bronkhorst is already on bail in connection with charges relating to an illegal hunt that resulted in the killing of Cecil, a case which attracted global attention forcing American hunter Walter Palmer to go into hiding for some time.