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Health Officials And Donors Agree On the Need For Independent Fund To Revive Health Sector

A health symposium in Harare agrees on the need for a fund to help revive the ailing health sector as donors remain reluctant to give Harare funds.

Health care stakeholders including government, United Nations and donor representatives, civil society activists and interested parties from the private sector agreed Thursday at a symposium in Harare on the need for a national health fund to restore the public health system in light of donor reluctance to directly fund harare.

Creation of a health fund was one of the three action items agree on in the symposium – others included better coordination between state and other stakeholders to monitor progress, and more actively engaging the public.

The proposed fund would be run on behalf of the government and eventually transferred to the control of the ministry of health once certain political issues have been resolved.

Managing director jeffrey mecaskey of britain’s health partners international, organizer of the conference, tells reporter Sandra Nyaira that participants were candid about the challenges but unanimous in their resolve to succeed.

Executive director Itai Rusike of the Community Working Group on Health says he was impressed by the commitment shown by the donor community to help Zimbabwe revive its health system.

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