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Studio 7 Headlines, Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7

The MDC-T shadow cabinet meets to discuss Zimbabwe’s cash crunch amid reports that thousands of people are now camping outside banks in most cities including Harare, Masvingo, Bulawayo and others.

Economists say it’s up to the central bank chief to convince Zimbabweans that the proposed bond notes would ease cash shortages in the country.

And large numbers of Zimbabweans are making a living through selling domesticated quail birds. But some of them have found the quail business tough due to lack of new markets for the birds, their meat and eggs.

Our question of the day for the youth forum - Time to Engage: As a young person what are your views about the proposed introduction of bond notes by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe?

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This evening on Livetalk our hosts of the connection will be talking with listeners and experts about the brain drain faced by Zimbabwe as young people are studying in the diaspora and remaining in these countries to work and build their careers. Where is Zimbabwe failing?

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Studio 7 Headlines, Tuesday, May 10, 2016
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