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Studio 7 Headlines, Monday, March 28, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7

President Robert Mugabe is on an official visit to Japan where he is meeting with his counterpart, representatives of several business entities and the Japanese emperor. This is part of his Look East policy, which he adopted after he was ditched by the West that accused him of gross human rights violations and election rigging.

Zimbabwe’s Mpilo General Hospital has reportedly shut down its Casualty Department, raising fears that some people may die without accessing health facilities.

People with disabilities urge the government to enactment of laws that ensure their economic empowerment on an equal basis with other Zimbabweans.

Ordinary Zimbabweans facing economic hardships are increasingly making use of social media, to create, as well as share jokes, memes and videos - including the not so flattering - about national figures and topical national issues.

Zimbabwe clash with Swaziland in the Africa Nations Cup following a 1-1 draw last week. If Zimbabwe win, they will be on top of the Group L log, boosting their chances of taking part in the 2017 cup finals.

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