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Studio 7 Headlines, Monday, February 22, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7

Masvingo youths plan to stage protests in an attempt to block President Robert Mugabe’s lavish 92nd birthday party set for this weekend.

The situation is tense in Zanu PF following President Robert Mugabe’s call for all warring factions in the ruling party to unite as the internal strife over his succession reaches alarming proportions.

Zimbabwe orders all mining companies to cease operations following claims that they did not want to be part of a state-driven entity designed to mine and monitor diamond sales in the country.

Zimbabwean opposition leader Professor Lovemore Madhuku of the National Constitutional Assembly party says the escalation tensions in the ruling Zanu-PF and fears of a potential split is a blessing for Zimbabweans as a united and strong Zanu-PF stifles political and economic reforms in the country.

And we will also give you the latest on sporting activities in Zimbabwe.

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Today on LiveTalk our hosts Gibbs Dube and Blessing Zulu will be talking with listeners and experts about moves by the government to stop all diamond mining activities.

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