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Studio 7 Headlines, Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7

The High Court rules that Mdada Diamonds Company, which was ordered by the state to stop operations in Manicaland province, can only deploy security guards at its mining compound but can’t resume diamond mining activities due to lack of a proper license to mine the gems.

The World Food Program is appealing for $220 million for food aid in Zimbabwe amid concerns of severe malnutrition among children.

This evening we are featuring Brian Nhira, born to Zimbabwean parents in the United States, who is a contestant on US prime-time show the 'Voice,' picked by artist and producer Pharrell Williams to compete against other musicians.

Investigations into match fixing allegations have reached an advanced stage as the Zimbabwe Republic Police have summons national coach Kalisto Pasuwa to give evidence in the case that has claimed the scalp of Zifa board member Edzai Kasinauyo as well as Pasuwa’s assistant Nation Dube.

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Today on LiveTalk our hosts will be talking with listeners and experts about hunger in Zimbabwe where at least 33,000 children need urgent food aid.

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