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Studio 7 Headlines, Friday, March 4, 2016

Voice of America Studio 7
Voice of America Studio 7

We will give you details on War Veterans Minister Chris Mutsvangwa who has been suspended from Zanu PF for gross indiscipline. His colleagues have been expelled from the party for similar reasons. They are said to be belonging to a faction of the ruling party backing Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is believed to be harboring presidential ambitions.

Is the Zimbabwe National Army fully backing President Mugabe? We explore this issue today.

President Mugabe says he will not reverse his decision to seize control of the diamond industry.

The Premier Soccer League will tomorrow elect a new chairman to replace the departed Twine Phiri.

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Today on LiveTalk our hosts of Gibbs Dube and Blessing Zulu will be talking with listeners and experts about Zimbabwe’s decision to stop diamond operations.

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