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'Ghost Workers' Audit Handed Over to Mugabe

The Civil Service Manpower audit that was constituted to weed out ghost workers in government has been handed over to President Robert Mugabe but the workers are disputing the results of the report.

Already more than 3,000 workers had their salaries frozen in June after the audit questioned their authenticity. One of the highlights of the audit is the existence of a large number of deputy headmasters in even in schools that do not require them

According to the report, the duplication of headmasters and their deputies allegedly cost the government more than $1,2 million per year.

It further said there are more than 2,000 teachers that have been busted as ghosts but acording to the teachers’ union only less than 1,000 teachers were implicated.

The state-run daily, The Herald, quoted Presidential spokesman George Charamba as having said that following the report the president is going to wring out some changes to plug “unnecessary” expenditure.

This comes after Mr. Mugabe presented a State of The Nation address that has a ten point plan.

APEX chairman, Richard Gundane, who is also president of the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association, said there are inconsistences within the audit that need to be addressed before implementing any recommendations.