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Ghanaians Speak Out on Cancelled Mugabe Visit

Some Ghanaians suspect that President Robert Mugabe cancelled his four-day visit to the country because of ill-health and social, economic and political problems back home.

Speaking on the line from Ghana, some of them said they were eagerly awaiting for President Mugabe while others stressed that they were not interested in him as they are focusing on many domestic issues

Mr. Mugabe was expected to be conferred with a Lifetime Africa Achievement Award by the Millennium Excellence Foundation for playing a critical role in liberating Zimbabwe.

Freelance journalist, Selase Kove-Seyram, said, “Just this day in the morning I realized that he wasn’t going to come anymore. Down here in Ghana people are saying that it’s because of domestic turmoil in Zimbabwe … I don’t know what the official reason is and I didn’t bother to ask anybody.”

He further noted that most Ghanaians were not “necessarily interested” in President Mugabe’s visit as they were focusing on domestic issues.

“I think Ghanaians are a bit different when it comes to politics in other countries unless you are having may be a specific discussion with people because locally they are concerned about their politics, what’s happening with their parties and so you wouldn’t see any Ghanaian being vocal about politics in another nation.”

Several other people said they viewed the president’s visit as any other business being conducted by politicians for their own benefit.

Foreign Affairs permanent secretary, Joey Bimha, said the trip was cancelled as President Mugabe is preparing for forthcoming meetings in Kenya, Swaziland and New York.

Interview With Selase Kove-Seyram
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