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Former Minister Mzila Acquitted of Armed Robbery, Theft

Former Bulilima West Member of Parliament and Home Affairs Co-Minister in the unity government, Moses Mzila Ndlovu, was aqcuitted Monday of theft and armed robbery.

Mzila was arrested last year on allegations he threatened to shoot two people he had found trespassing on his farm and robbing them of cash, cellphones and personal identity particulars.

But Bulawayo Magistrate Trynos Utawashe ruled the prosecution had failed to produce a smoking gun to convict the former legislator, a senior member of the Movement for Democratic Change formation led by Welshman Ncube.

"I was subjected to a trial on flimsy if not trumped up charges," Mzila told the Bulawayo community broadcaster, Radio Dialogue, after his exoneration.

"I know they were trumped up because the people involved were members of the Central Intelligence Organisation, the two who came to give evidence are employees of a former member of the CIO.

“Clearly, Zanu PF wants to weaken me economically to say that if you think you can survive on cattle ranching, we will destroy that. Surely, Zanu PF through their members in the security structures are involved in my persecution."

Meanwhile, the Ncube MDC held strategic meetings in Bulawayo at the weekend where Ncube urged his officials and supporters to stay the course and fight for a democratic Zimbabwe.