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Enos Nkala's Book Too Hot to Handle for Zimbabwe Writer

President Robert Mugabe and former cabinet minister Enos Nkala (right)
President Robert Mugabe and former cabinet minister Enos Nkala (right)

Former National University of Science and Technology lecturer, Dumiso Gilbert Matshazi, says he chickened out of writing the late Home Affairs and Defence Minister Enos Nkala’s book after realizing that what the veteran politician wanted to reveal about President Robert Mugabe and others was too hot to handle.

Matshazi says Nkala, who was a founding member of Zanu – now the ruling ZanuPF party - tasked him to publish the book after his death.

The late veteran politician died a bitter man as he was dumped by President Mugabe. He was probably the first man to be buried at the country's Heroe’s Acre despite having crossed paths with president Mugabe.

In a hard-hitting press statement announcing plans to write his memoirs, Nkala said: “I want to remind His Excellency that I am not among those who die many times before their actual death. I am a son of heroes and a self-made hero and have just completed 74 years of my life with a greater part of it spent in Ian Smith’s prisons and detention camps for the liberation of my country.”

This was a man that they had spent 10 years sharing the same prison cell before Zimbabwe attained independence from British rule in 1980.

Matshazi says Nkala made an oath and vowed that the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo, who was the president of PF Zapu, would never rule Zimbabwe.