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15 Zimbabweans Die in Horrific Car Crash in South Africa

Most of the people who died are Zimbabweans.
Most of the people who died are Zimbabweans.

At least 15 Zimbabweans died in a horrific car crash Wednesday when a twin-cab car they were riding collided head-on with a haulage truck in Mokopane, South Africa.

Police said 14 people died on the scene while one died later in hospital.

Limpopo Province police spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto said they were still investigating the deadly smash and trying to identify the deceased.

“We are still investigating and given the gravity of the crash, police are still trying to gather what documents they can from the scene to identify the victims,” Colonel Otto told VOA.

The driver of the twin-cab bakkie and another passenger survived, Otto told the South African news agency, Eyewitness News.

“They were taken to hospital for treatment. The identity of the deceased has not yet been established, we’re still working on that. They say it’s quite a gruesome scene.”

Going by the statistics, it appears the twin-cab was carrying 17 people, which is clearly an unacceptable overload, the police added.