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Dejected Family of Missing Activist Dzamara Marks His 36th Birthday

Occupy Africa Leaders Itai Dzamara (left) and Tichaona Danho (right) detained by police

A birthday is supposed to be a day of celebration for anyone and their clan.

But for the family of missing activist Itai Dzamara it was another painful moment of anxiety on Friday as they marked Dzamara’s 36th birthday without any clue as to his whereabouts.

All they could do was to hope and keep praying for his safe return.

Dzamara’s wife, children and brother Patson commemorated Itai’s birthday by hunkering down at the Africa Unity Square in Harare where Dzamara and his colleagues used to sit peacefully in protest against continued Zanu PF rule.

“We are excited that God brought Itai in our family, but again it is painful that we do not know where he is,” said Patson, adding that his disappearing was taking its toll on the family and his two children.

Dzamara, who had before his disappearance been arrested and assaulted by police for leading the Occupy Unity Square movement, was allegedly abducted five months ago by unknown assailants in Harare.

Some have surmised that he might have been seized by state security agents who feared his demonstrations might gain national traction and cause trouble for President Robert Mugabe’s establishment.

Dzamara’s abduction has reignited concerns about human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

Several western countries, including the U.S. and the European Union have called on the government to establish the activist’s wheabouts and reunite him with his family in one piece.