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European Leaders Congratulate Winners of US Elections 

A man picks up a Spanish newspaper reporting on President-elect Joe Biden winning the US presidential election, in Pamplona, northern Spain, Nov. 8, 2020.

European leaders reacted positively and congratulated Joe Biden on his projected victory over Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election. Congratulations also went to Vice-President elect Kamala Harris for her historic achievement. After days of waiting, Europe is optimistic that a new era of relations with the U.S. is now on the horizon.

After days of holding their breath over who would finally be the next president of the United States, congratulations to what is expected to be the new administration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris starting next January flowed in.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen issued her warm congratulations and said in a statement: “The European Union and the United States are friends and allies. Our citizens share the deepest of links. Together we have built an unprecedented transatlantic partnership.” Von der Layen added that, “As the world continues to change and new challenges and opportunities appear, our renewed partnership will be of particular importance.”

European Parliament President David Sassoli said after following with great attention the elections of a great partner of the European Union, he was looking forward to working with the new Biden administration.

Sassoli said, “the world needs a strong relationship between Europe and the U.S. and a relaunch of transatlantic relations, capable of addressing the challenges of our times.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also stressed the importance of the transatlantic relationship. On Twitter he said: “The U.S. is our most important ally and I look forward to working closely together on our shared priorities, from climate change to trade and security.”

In a statement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel congratulated both president-elect Biden and vice president-elect Harris.

“I sincerely wish him the best of luck and every success and I would also like to congratulate Kamala Harris, the first female vice-president-elect in the history of your country.” She added, “Our transatlantic friendship is irreplaceable if we are to master the great challenges of our time."

French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte both tweeted their readiness to work with the new administration. Macron wrote, “The Americans have chosen their President. We have a lot to do to overcome today's challenges. Let's work together!” Conte who heads a country traditionally very close to the U.S. said, “We are ready to work with the President-elect Joe Biden to make the transatlantic relationship stronger. The U.S. can count on Italy as a solid ally and a strategic partner.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s congratulations took some hours compared to other leaders. He said he and Biden have had a “long and warm" personal relationship for almost 40 years adding that he sees him as “a great friend of Israel" and looked forward to working together. He also tweeted his thanks to Donald Trump “for the friendship you have shown the state of Israel and me personally, for recognizing Jerusalem and the Golan”.