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Former Vice President Mnangagwa Flees, Threatens to Unseat Mugabe

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Emmerson Mnangagwa

Former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fled to South Africa saying his life is in danger.

He was sacked by President Robert Mugabe on Monday for being disloyal and deceitful, among other issues.

In a statement, Mnangagwa vowed to return to Zimbabwe to oust President Mugabe, saying the ruling party has been captured by the Mugabe family and members of the so-called Generation 40 allegedly led by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“I would like my fellow citizens to know that I am now out of the country, and safe. My sudden departure was caused by incessant threats on my person, life and family by those who have attempted before through various forms of elimination including poisoning.

“Let no your hears be troubled for peace, love, unity, development and prosperity are around the corder. I will be comunicating with you soon and shall return to Zimabbwe to lead you.”

Noting that he is going nowhere, Mnangagwa said it is said that he is being hounded out of the Zanu PF party by “minnows who have no liberation credential or clear understanding of our constitution in Zanu PF.”

He said the party should reject “this insane and idiotic” habit of expelling and suspending members of the party due to different political opinions.

“Your Excellency and First Secretary of Zanu PF (President Robert Mugabe), it is sad and deplorable that you have allowed our party to be hijacked by novices and external forces as well as individuals who have a proven record of treachery.

“This party is not personal property for you and your wife to do as you please. Now that you have clearly told the world that I am your enemy who has taken in excess of 50 years to formulate a plan to dispose of you, I now urge all the genuine members of the party to determine for themselves who betwenn the three of us including your wife and notorious G40 boys is the enemy of the party and who the real culprit is in destroying our beloved Zanu PF.”

Mnangagwa noted that he is surprised that he is being accused of plotting to get rid of the president. “I have been accused of committing treasonous acts dating back from 1980. This is not only fake but laughable and the president knows that. Why, why, the people are asking did you keep this man for so long and not have tried him for treason all these years?”

He further said Zimbabweans should stand up and remove President Mugabe from power.

“Fellow Zimbabweans and specifically members of Zanu PF, the time is now to say NO to Demi Gods and people that are self-centered and only think of themselves and their families. Let us buty our differences and rebuild a new and prosperous Zimbabwe, a country that is tolentant to divergent views, a country that respects opinions of others, a country that does not isolate itself from the rest of the world because of one stubborn individual who believes he is entitled to rule this country until death.

“We want a country that gives every citizen the opportunity to prosper, to take care of their families, a country that encourages Zimbabweans to invest in their economy and contribute to the development of infrastructure for future generations …”

Mrs. Mugabe is expected to take over the post of vice president left vacant by Mnangagwa amid reports that there were street skirmishes between rival Zanu PF factions in Harare on Wednesday.