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Critics Worry Zimbabwe's Constitution Revision Will Not Produce Desired Changes

The National Constitutional Assembly says it plans to step up a campaign against the new constitution when the outreach process ends in the coming weeks

A coalition of Zimbabwean civic groups says it is drafting a list of grievances on the ongoing constitution revision and will present a dossier to the select committee leading the process in the next few days.

The Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition said Thursday it was concerned the results of the outreach may not reflect popular views of members in various communities, as many speakers at the outreach meetings appear to have been coached on what to say.

Under the Voice up Constitutional campaign, the coalition is rolling out civic education to communities on the constitution revision, calling on people to participate in large numbers.

Coalition information officer Maria Mache said the group’s intention in holding its own meetings is to afford members of the public a chance to freely voice their views.

Critics of the constitution revision meanwhile, argue that the many problems bedevilling the outreach clearly suggest that the resulting draft will not be different from the current constitution.

National Constitutional Assembly Chairman Lovemore Madhuku said Zimbabweans have been forced to express views of favoring political parties, especially ZANU-PF.

Madhuku told VOA Studio 7 reporter Patience Rusere that his group will step up its “Take Charge” campaign against the new constitution when the outreach process ends in a few weeks.