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Zimbabwe Civil Servants, Government to Meet Over Salaries

The Apex Council representing Zimbabwe civil servants is expected to meet with government representatives Wednesday under the National Joint Negotiating Council to discuss salaries and conditions of service.

The council brings together the Public Service Association, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe, the Teachers’ Union of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Teachers Association.

Since January civil servants have been trying to push for a salary review to no avail, even after downing tools for one day. The government insists that it does not have the money to for increments.

In May civil servant representatives wrote to President Mugabe seeking his intervention but he is yet to respond.

Apex Council chairperson Tendai Chikowore told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that they stick to their January position of pushing for salaries that are above the Poverty Datum Line since nothing much has changed in the last six months.

But Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe general secretary Raymond Majongwe said all civil servants should have met to fine tune their position before the meeting to ensure they speak with one voice rather than just adopting the January position.