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Khumalo-Anointed Ndebele King Bulelani Lobhengula Promises to Set Up Biogas, Electricity Projects

Bulelani Lobengula Mzilikazi Khumalo and Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni

Bulelani Lobhengula, selected by the Khumalo clan as heir to the Ndebele throne following the “disappearance” of King Lobhengula about 125 years ago, has pledged to work with the government and defend the people of Matabeleland and Midlands regions like his forefathers.

Addressing his first Imbizo in Johannesburg, South Africa, at the weekend, Bulelani Lobhengula Mzilikazi Khumalo said he would also fight for the eradication of hunger in the two provinces.

“We partnered up with a scientist and we designed a biogas system. It creates a gas, that gas plugs into a generator and it gives you electricity. And then in terms of water there are scientists and engineers in the Western Cape who developed a solar-paneled drilling system for boreholes.”

He also pledged his commitment to work with the government of Zimbabwe but warned those who were opposed to the restoration of the Ndebele monarchy, saying they will not succeed.

Some people who attended King Bulelani Lobhengula Mzilikazi's first Mbizo in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Some people who attended King Bulelani Lobhengula Mzilikazi's first Mbizo in Johannesburg, South Africa.

“We are not shaken. We are not deterred. We know there are certain elements who want to frustrate us emotionally, financially and otherwise. We are going to continue fighting. If we are speaking about the constitution, my belief is that a constitution is to serve the very people that have created it. Should it not serve the people that it’s supposed to serve then its obsolete, it should be changed according to the will of the people.”

Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni of Ntabazinduna, clarified why they now call Bulelani their king despite his coronation ceremony having been barred by the government of Zimbabwe.

“We asked the Khumalo clan to say, ‘can you please proceed with the customary aspects of anointing a King’. And on the 28th of September at 6.15 in the evening King Lobhengula kaMzilikazi was anointed as the monarch.”

Ndiweni, who is one of the top Ndebele chiefs, also down played remarks by some people who have also declared themselves Kings of the Mthwakazi nation, saying “King Bulelani Lobhengula is the only rightful heir to the throne appointed by the Khumalo clan” after they were satisfied that he is a direct descendent of King Mzilikazi’s house.

“He is the son of Prince Humphrey Lobhengula Khumalo, the son of Prince Patrick Lobhengula Khumalo, the son of Prince Rhodes Lobhengula Khumalo, the son of Prince Njube Lobhengula Khumalo, the son of King Lobhengula himself and King Lobhengula himself is the son of Mzilikazi kaMashobana.”

He said King Bulelani will soon relocate to Bulawayo to rebuild and occupy the late King Lobhengula’s palace.

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