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Bulawayo City's Landmark Buildings 'Tied' to $5 Million Bank Debt Safe: Mayor

The Bulawayo City Council says two of its landmark buildings – the City Hall and Tower Block – are safely in the hands of the local authority contrary to reports they have been attached by Kingdom Bank for failing to service a $5 million loan obtained to purchase refuse collection vehicles and cars for senior employees.

Bulawayo mayor Patrick Thaba Moyo told Studio 7 Thursday that the council has repaid part of the loan and never used the two buildings as collateral for securing the loan.

Moyo said council used the loan secured last year to buy 70 utility vehicles including ambulances, fire and refuse collection trucks and 12 cars for senior workers.

The council has been criticized by some politicians and local residents for mortgaging the city hall and tower block, Bulawayo’s nerve centers for revenue collection and other business.

Moyo said the refuse collection trucks purchased by the council have made a huge impact in cleaning up the city. “We are now able to collect garbage in the city center and some eastern suburbs four times a month instead of only once a month,” said Moyo.

But Roderick Fayayo of the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association said garbage collection remains a challenge for the city despite the purchase of new refuse collection trucks.