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Bulawayo Water Woes Deepen As Mtsabezi Dam Pipe Bursts

Water taps running dry for three days a week.

The Bulawayo City Council has increased its water rationing period from shutting down two days a week to three.

The local authority spokesperson, Nesisa Mpofu says the restrictions have been tightened following the burst of a water pipe from the Mtshabezi Dam.

The perennial water problem for the city has been further compounded by the El Nino weather pattern.

Human Rights lawyer, Tineyi Mukwewa of the rights group, Abammeli Human Rights Lawyers told Studio Seven that the local authority has “trampled” on the rights of the people of Bulawayo by not giving them advance notice ahead of the closures.

This sentiment was echoed by Lizwe Jamela, another human rights lawyer, who adds that the water problems that affect the city are nothing new since they have been there for some time and that need to change.

A Magwegwe West resident Caroline Mudzengi told Studio Seven that the local authority has been dilly dallying with information on the closures leading to confusion.