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Skepticism on Alleged 2007 Plot to Remove Zimbabwe's Mugabe From Power

One of the thousands of US State Department cables published by the Wikileaks Web site discusses a 2007 plan by several Zimbabwean business people to bring about a transfer of executive powers from President Robert Mugabe to an unnamed prime minister.

The cables say the US Embassy in South Africa knew of a 2007 plot by exiled businessmen to remove Mr Mugabe from power before the 2008 elections and the advent of power sharing.

Wikileaks recently began publishing thousands of previously confidential communications between the US state department in Wwashington and its embassies around the world. Some of the documents relate to zimbabwe.

But political analyst Brilliant Mhlanga tells reporter Brenda Moyo the US officials were mistaken in thinking the businessmen had the means and the power to oust Mr. Mugabe.