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Zimbabwe Opposition to Stay Away from Anti-Sanctions Gala

The Zimbabwean government has invited opposition parties to join Zanu PF’s push for the removal of targeted sanctions imposed by the West over alleged human rights abuses and election rigging by the ruling party.

In a tweet, Information Secretary, Nick Mangwana, said, “We have joined hands with other progressive stakeholders such as business, political parties and civil society to hold this year's Anti-Sanctions e-Gala. We extend an invitation to the MDC-T, MDC-A and others to come and give a shout against sanctions …”

Mangwana further claimed that Zimbabwe’s record unemployment rate was linked to the sanctions.

“Yes, there is a direct relationship between your unemployment and sanctions. The company that was supposed to employ you was refused international capital because the blight of sanctions raised risk profile. You root for sanctions, you root for own hardship.”

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Nelson Chamisa said it won’t participate in the anti-sanctions e-gala on Sunday.

Responding to the invitation, MDC Alliance spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, said, “You're inviting us all to a hotel in Bulawayo? Business, civil society and all political parties? If a gathering like this can take place, there should be no obstacle to the holding of by-elections. Is COVID-19 only a threat when it comes to the exercise of constitutional rights?”

In addition, MDC Alliance presidential spokesperson Dr. Nkululeko Sibanda, said, “This song is just too old and no one other than the singers dance to it. Zimbabweans know that an election stealing and illegitimate criminal gang does not inspire economic growth by design. Worse still this one based on the most degenerate amongst us. Our worst examples!”

The theme of this year’s anti-sanctions event to be held Sunday is ‘Resilience and Solidarity in a Sanctions Environment’.

The United States of America and its allies imposed targeted sanctions on some Zanu PF officials and companies, deemed to be engaged in human rights violations.