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Zimbabwe Basketball Boss on Inaugural BAL Games

Angolan basketball team Petro Luanda participates in the Basketball African League in Kigali, Rwanda, from May 16 to May 30

President of the Basketball Union of Zimbabwe, Joe Mujuru, says all teams participating in the ongoing inaugural Basketball Africa League are capable of landing the coveted trophy.

In an interview, Mujuru said Angolans and Egyptians impressed him a lot last year in the run up to the games compared to other teams.

“…Now there has been no sport happening in the last 14 months it’s very difficult to tell who is going to come out in this one flying. I would tell you, look out for the Angolans, look out for the Egyptians they are likely to give us a good show. Silently, I will be following Madagascar because that the team that took our position. Look from a southern African perspective, my money is on the Angolans on this one.

“Certainly, in terms of culture, attitude and investment, I have been following the Angolans. Petro de Luanda they were here in Bulawayo two years ago when they qualified for the Africa Club tournament. So, they are no strangers to Zimbabweans. We appreciate their culture, we appreciate their level of professionalism. They have a lot that they have which we can emulate and want to be part of … My money is on the Angolans.”

He said, without mentioning names, that the games are expected to produce basketball stars that might play in the NBA in USA.

Mujuru noted that the challenge is that most of the players have not been active due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The clubs involved in the inaugural BAL are Algeria – GS Pétroliers; Angola – Petro de Luanda; Cameroon – FAP; Egypt – Zamalek; Madagascar – GNBC; Mali – AS Police; Morocco – AS Salé; Mozambique – Ferroviaro de Maputo; Nigeria – Rivers Hoopersv; Rwanda – Patriots; Senegal – As Douanesv; Tunisia – US Monastir.

Listen to the games here:

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