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Amnesty Urges Trump to Reaffirm US Respect for Human Rights

FILE - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally as a man holds up a sign that reads "Islamophobia is not the answer" in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Feb. 26, 2016. Amnesty International has called on Trump to uphold "the human rights of all without discrimination."

Amnesty International is urging Donald Trump to commit to human rights issues.

Although criticizing Trump’s “poisonous rhetoric,” the organization said Wednesday the president-elect must “reaffirm and abide by the United States obligations on human rights, at home and abroad."

“President-elect Trump must publicly commit to upholding the human rights of all without discrimination,” Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA, said in a statement.

“From internment camps to the use of torture, we have seen disastrous results when those we elect to represent us flout the Unites States' obligations to uphold human rights,” Huang said.

During an almost two-year campaign, Trump vowed to build a wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico and attempt to make Mexico City pay for it to thwart more illegal immigration into the United States, and has called for a ban on Muslim immigrants coming into the county.

“This rhetoric cannot and must not become government policy. The xenophobic, sexist and other hateful remarks made by Trump have no place in government,” Huang said.

Trump, 70, takes office on January 20 to become the first U.S. commander in chief who has never before been elected to public office.